31 July 2008

day 32: the end is nearer...

Date: Thursday, July 31st, 2008

WE (the students) ARE DONE WITH CLASS! (Sorry, Professor... Now you've got to grade all of our hard work.) I don't really know what else to say. I didn't do much else today besides learn about the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Scientific Age in class, ate lunch, reviewed (crammed), was sent to the Academic (aka figural) Guillotine and have now been released. Mercifully.

And that means we are done.

Tonight, I hope we're going out to St. Michel one more time. I can't decide if I should treat myself to shwarma or have as many delicious crepes before I have to leave Paris. I have to orient my decisions on last-minute-Paris-things around food because we don't really have enough time to visit more sites. (Even though there's plenty more I want to do.)

I am definitely torn between wanting to go back home and never wanting this to end. On one hand, I think if this continued, I'd have more to study and more that would weigh on my mind--but I'd be in Paris longer. Right now I'm looking forward to home because I see it as a chance to relax, fully and recharge before the school year. I don't think I'm going to look for a job because it's probably too late and mostly because right now, I can't imagine keeping myself as busy as I have in the past five weeks with a job AND all the things I want to do. (Sorry, mom.)

It's really warm in this building... the insulation isn't very good.

Also, I am now frantically writing postcards in case you haven't received yours (even though I have promised many of you postcards.) I also don't know what to do about writing the Friends of the International Center because I e-mailed Ruth Newark with a link to my blog and I asked for an address (I left all the information from the packet I got at home...) but I never received an e-mail.

Anyway I'm out. YAY!


Jessica Starr said...

So...I'm a terrible friend and have not commented on your blog as much as a I should :(

but I miss you terribly, and even though I'm glad you are in Paris...I am selfish and want you to come back to PA :)

Lily said...

No need to send me Postcard. I enjoyed your BOLG very much, Love Aunt Lily