30 July 2008

day 29: last free day (essentially)

Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008

Went museum hopping with Vicky in the morning (Pompidou--tons of pictures on Photobucket though you will have to sift through many pages of pictures from Invalides) and Zak after lunch (Cluny Medieval Museum). I didn't take too many pictures in the Cluny because I was kind of pooped from the intense picture taking in the morning but it was a very very cool museum. We wanted to go out and do something (all of us) as it was, essentially, our last day (Tuesday = Class & Excursion, Wednesday = Final, Thursday = Final, Friday = Versailles, Saturday = Gone...) but most of us were too busy studying.

Given it was our last day, I think I got a fair amount done. Next time I come back there are still some things I want to do ...


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