30 July 2008

day 31: the end is near...

Date: Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I can't believe it's almost over. I haven't even finished touring the city... In any case I haven't really been blogging because I've been trying to study (key word: trying) for the past few days. I had an awesome Sunday that involved Paris Plage, exploring, the Trocadero, dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower, climbing the Eiffel Tower, and finding a rain stick... but that's just a bit of it. I haven't finished that blog yet. On Monday I went to the Georges Pompidou with Vicky (finally!) and took a zillion pictures then I also went to the Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages with Zak--exhausting. It was essentially our last free day because Tuesday we were busy all day with class, Invalides, and a (wonderful) Moroccan dinner--salsa-esque dip with baguette, couscous and vegetable stew, plenty of well-seasoned chicken, and a belly dancer who got many people in our group to dance. Including Professor Herbst. And Zak. (Everyone who attended dinner agreed that Zak was the star of the show, sorry Professor...though you ran a close, close second haha) Today we had class, and I just finished my Final for ERC 103. I feel pretty good about it but mostly I'm thankful that we had two hours. I didn't take the whole two hours because and I probably should have to augment what I had to say about the kings before Louis XIV, but it was written and I couldn't very well have too many arrows or asterisks without destroying (utterly) the flow of the paper. In any case, it's done and over with. I am going to hopefully do some grocery shopping, have a nice dinner, and do some MMW review.

Tomorrow we have the same schedule as today except we take our MMW final instead of the ERC 103 one. (Duh.) Class in the morning, exam in the evening. Friday we have a day excursion to Versailles and a dinner at night then we leave, bright and early Saturday morning. And then, it's all over. In a flash. I am currently writing in the middle of a (figurative) hurricane.

On Monday, I danced and sang in the rain with some friends. It was epic.

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