03 August 2008

day 34: fin

Date: Saturday, 2 August, 2008 (PDT)

And so it's done. I'm back home in good ol' Palo Alto. The weather is perfect, the skyline on the drive home was perfect. My family (minus my older brother...) was waiting for me at the airport, the luggage came out fine, my dogs are still as cute as ever. After a terrible experience in Dulles (being subjected to long line after long line after long line) I actually made it to my flight to SFO.

Coming home wasn't as ecstatic as I dreamt it to be during my last few hours in Paris. All the things that I thought I would miss about the States seem less important right this instant, probably because I'm still tired and don't feel like running around to see the hills, or Safeway, or even In-n-Out. (Yes, GASP! I know...) I find I will miss the fresh bread, the food, the metro, the getting lost in a big city, the monuments, and, of course, my Paris GS MMW4 2008 Family (haha what a mouthful). I know I kept saying I wasn't going to be sad because we all go to the same college and are all going to live near each other, but we won't be an RER ride away from the Seine. My brain is still tired from the flying (it was a mere 24 hours ago that I was sitting outside Fondation de Monaco waiting for people to come downstairs) so I'm going to keep this short. All in all, cliches included, we'll always have Paris. (hehe)